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Quetiapine - What if I stop taking Seroquel?

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WildcatVet 23 Jan 2018

Hi, Pathology! I'm not sure exactly what you're asking but an answer, in brief, is that unless you wean off with a tapering dosage schedule from your doctor you'll likely experience mild to severe withdrawal symptoms over a period of several days to weeks depending on the dosage you're taking and the length of time you've been taking it.
Also, you could have an intense recurrence of the symptoms it was originally prescribed for. Stopping psychotropic medications should never be done abruptly and requires your doctor's supervision.
Best regards, Wildcat

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looby1 6 Apr 2018

Stop this medicine immediately seriously antipsychotics I don't think so Quetiapine is extremely bad for your heart and if your heart is healthy it won't be for long if you continue this poison

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Mrzz Moore 14 Jun 2018

I took 1,000 mg of seroquel for 2 years. Just weened off 60 days ago and it was a nightmare! I was sick for 30 days. We are talking hot/cold flashes, nausea, non stop diarrhea, insomnia, skin itch and pricks, lack of appetite, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, headache, non stop turbulent thoughts,back ache, escalated anxiety attacks, escalated emotional outbursts, and more. I'm only now just getting my body regulated, but still can't take hot showers or be in sun long because the nerve damage from the dosage over the years has made my body itch off and on most days. It's not a regular itch. But a deep itch that is under my skin. My ear canals itch, my eyes itch, I've tried menthal, mint lotion, icepacks, creams, etc and I'm concerned it won't ever go away.

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ala1978 14 Jun 2018

I have been on Seroquel for 17 years. I'm on 600mg at night currently. It is the only medication that has helped my bipolar and leveled out my moods. Of course as with any medicine there are side effects. But if you follow your Drs orders and get blood tests as Dr recommended, you should be just fine. Do not quit taking this medicine without a Drs orders. That's when all sorts of side effects show up that are ugly and uncomfortable. Always talk to your Dr about weaning off this if you feel like you want to come off of it!!!

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