Ii started suboxone a week ago today. I was on percocet for 6 years and become addicted so I went to a rehab doc & he put me on 16mg of suboxone. I started out putting 4mg of film under my tongue four times a day. The first 24hrs I noticed I didn't really have cravings. After the first day, the cravings came back. I am thinking about them all the time. I want them still. Its still consuming a lot of my thoughts. I told the doc today and he upped me to 20mg a day. Now he wants me to put 8mg under tongue twice a day & 4mg once a day. I have had 20mg today & I am still having cravings. Its driving me crazy. I'm sick of being contolled by this drug! Is this normal? The doc said this is very rare. What's wrong with me??? Has anyone heard of this or is anyone else having this problem??? Ugh!