I was taking about 10 percocets a day and finally decided I have had enough of? being a prisoner to opiates. Saturday night I went all out and took about 10 percocets at one, snorted half an oxicotin and that was that. So I woke up Sunday morning feeling pretty terrible. I usually started every day with one percocet. I have xanax and flexeril so I took a bunch of xanax and flexeril and just slept all day Sunday and all night Sunday. I woke up Monday (today) and still felt terrible. I happened to find ONE 8 mg suboxone. I waited until it had been 36 hours and took 1/2 a suboxone (under the tongue). I already feel amazingly better. I'm just really worried. I only have a half of one left. I was going to take a 1/4 tomorrow (Tuesday). 1/8 on Wednesday. 1/8 on Thursday. Will I have bad withdrawal from the Suboxones? I want to try to make this as painless as possible (yes I know that's hard to do). I've heard of people having terrible withdrawals from 8 mg of Suboxone over the course of 4 days, will I still have terrible withdrawals? I can't afford to miss any work. So how bad will I feel by Friday when I run out of the Suboxone? Please help