I've been thru rehab, outpatient, believe in god and am familiar with 12step programs. I have read so many different things online lately & thank god for that or I would probably be telling you right now how I'm on 1000mg of suboxone(exaggeration) because I wanted a 'pain free, no withdrawl miracle drug'. Please realize that I am not discrediting suboxone-I know how helpful it has been to so many people. I do admit to being somewhat of a cynic though due to my own experiences which include kicking hydrocodone, oxy, morphine, heroin and worst of all methadone(cold turkey after being on it for 2yrs straight- did wean down to 20mg before jumping off).

I know I am NOT a dr by any means. I have worked in the medical field off & on for the last 14yrs(my whole adult life~I'm a 32yr old female).

I just need a little something besides clonidine and seroquel(for sleep/agitation-both previously prescribed to me) to help ease the worst of the withdrawls & was curious to know if anyone had used or heard of someone using suboxone just as a buffer(per say) in just the first few days of kicking? I have quite a few norco too but I DON'T want to touch them anymore. I have to take 20+/day just to not want to jump off a bridge- no joke! They don't even make me 'feel good'~ Not to mention how much acetaminophen that all adds up to.

So if anyone has any experience OR opinion with what I'm asking/referring to~ please feel free to answer/comment/whatever. Thanks!