Ok I am fuuhhhreeeaked out right now someone pleeeasse tell me I'm gonn be ok. I am on day 5 of my withdrawal from oxycodone, I have been using a little bit of suboxone, my heart has been pounding like crazy this whole time and hasn't gotten any better. It only feels somewhat normal when I am laying down for a while. I also have a concusion so I've been in bed a lot but today I went out and I walked, and stood around a lot, and noticed at one point that my heart had been beating real fast the whole time. I am home now and I am feeling some mild weakness in ny left arm. I've also had a few chest pains, not too bad but sharp. I'm only 20! My doc told me I have a slight enlargement in my heart and she thinks its cuz I've been on this drug and it was always making my heart pound hard: her theory is that its the same concept as working out??? Is that possible?? I was taking oxy for like 3 weeks then I got off and went back on like 3 weeks later and until now was on it for bout a monna month and half... I can't belieev my heart is pounding this much I feel like its not normal, I wasn't on the drug that long... I don't know how that works but can anyone make sense of all this information, pleasee, put all the facts together and tell me if I'm gonna be okay??? I want OFF THE DRUGS and I wanna be healthy but am scared something bad will happen to me before I canb get there !! :(((how long is this gonna go on with the pounding !! Also, when can I expect this depression to stop : /