I have had 4 jaw surgeries in less than one year. I had my latest jaw joint replacement surgery. During the year, I have been on oxycotin 40 mg take every 6 hours and perceot 10mg for break threw pain givin to me by my primary physican . After the surgery left the hospital on Diluid givin to me by painmanagement, well that makes me throw up so when I saw my surgeon 2 days later, I asked if I could go back on Oxycotin/ perceot like I was on before. He told me that was fine and gave me a prescription for perceot because I was out of those for the break threw pain. I also was due for refill of oxycotin and refilled the prescription. That wasn't working for pain, so I called my family doctor requesting their help to go to pain management doctor. Before she got back to me, I forgot I saw pain management while in the hospital and they were the ones who put me on diluid, so I went back to them. I didn't go to my primary care doctor because she told me before my surgery that she couldn't increase my dosage of oxycin I was at max dosage and pain management would be the next step. So I went to the pain management doctor I saw before, and the switched me off oxycotin and put me on morphine 30mg ER.
Today I got a letter in the mail, stating my doctor ternimated me as a patient. I am not sure why. Only thing I can think of is it has to due with pain medication. Every doctor in my care were aware of each other and what I was on. I even told my primary care doctor I was going to pain management as she suggested. If this is the reason I was ternimated... am I red flagged? and if someone becomes red flagged are they aware they have becomed red flagged? What excately happens if you become red flagged? I also called up my doctor office and asked why I was terminated as a patient and they won't tell me the specific reason, why can't I know as a patient? and if my doctor was questioning my care, why won't she or a nurse call me and have me explain or come in? because I would happily explain like I told my pain management. Can someone please help me get these answers because I don't need all these problems and I am not addicted or abusing pain medication.