I went to a different primary care once that was closer to home than my usual cause of my chronic migraine and needed to get a rx for my sumatriptan. The doctor and I started talking and I told him about my issues with insomnia and how I have a hard time sleeping. He gave my a rx for Xanax without me even asking and it helped me so much that it’s something I realized really helps me. My normal primary care had given me a rx for adderall as I have ADHD as well. Now for months I was able to fill both rxs without any problem. I unfortunately had to use 2 pharmacies cause my regular oharmacy never had the adderall in stock. So I used my regular pharmacy for all my other rxs and a different pharmacy for my adderall. Today when I went to get my Xanax refilled the said that It looks like I see 2 primary cares and filled an rx for adderall 3 weeks ago. I panicked and told them I dont use it when they asked me before if I use any other medications, because I didn’t want the doc to stop giving me the Xanax. Now they said I have to pick 1 doc and can’t bejnf seeing 2 for 2 different ex’s at 2 different pharmacies... how did they even figure it out?! I didn’t even realize how bad this was cause I never really thought of it. I’m freaking our cause I need my adderall and I’m afraid to contact my doctor now and get it refilled. I can live without the Xanax but adderall unfortunately I need. What should I do? I’m not sure if the other doc red flagged me or not.. how do I find out?
I was thinking of going to my primary care and explaining what happened and how I also take Xanax and see what he says. But I’m afraid he’ll not give me my adderall rx then.
I looked online and I realized I’m very much considered a “drug seeker” and “doctor shopper” but in all honestly I don’t abuse either drug at all. I take the meds as prescribed. I am definitely not going back to the other doc for the Xanax but I’m just afraid I won’t be able to refill my adderall again...
Hopefully someone can help.