I tried to refill my Soma prescription at my regular pharmacy 1 week early. I needed to do some banking at the same store my pharmacy is located in, and this was for convenience sake only - I was not out of pills yet. I had done this one other time when the prescription and date I needed to pay a bill at the bank were pretty close. I had no problem that time. This time, the pharmacy tech said the pharmacist would not fill the prescription, it was too early. She said she would do it 3 days later. I had no problem with that, thanked her and said I'd be back in a week. As I was about to leave, I noticed the tech & the pharmacist looking at me and whispering in a negative tone. I could not hear what they were saying, but it didn't appear to be good. Should I be worried that they are viewing me negatively or that they are "red flagging" me? The only other issue I have had with this pharmacy is that I am a chronic pain patient and I brought in a script for hydrocodone from my dentist about 5 months ago (root canal) while I still had an active hydrocodone script from my pain m.d. I had permission from my pain m.d. to get this other prescription filled as I am on a pretty low dosage of the hydrocodone and neither he nor I thought it would be enough to cover the additional pain of my tooth issues. When I did that I noticed they put a note on my prescription saying I had "dual prescriptions" for the same medication. The pharmacist did ask me if I realized that and I said "yes, and my doctor is aware of this". So - should I be worried??