I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am addicted to pain meds. I am currently in treatment for my addiction. It started out as legitimate pain a quickly escaladed into full-blown addiction.

Anyways... I called my dentist yesterday because I believe that I have a cavitiy. (No I promise I wasn't looking for meds) anyhow I gave the receptionist my name and she asked me to please hold. She came back and said "sorry we do not have any appointments today" I said thats okay its not an emergency could I please have an appointment for another day? She then proceeded to tell me that the pharmacy sent a letter out saying that I had received too many narcotic prescriptions" She was nice about it and said that "if I had any questions please contact my pharmacy" It really freaked me out since I did let it get out of control for a little while and now I am finally clean. Should I worry that I am just waiting for the police to arrest me? Or should I just let it be a serious wakeup call? Thanks so much!