I've been dealing w/ lower back pain for over 4 years. I just (7 weeks ago) had surgery #2! A few years ago ( about 3.5) I had signed a contract w/ my Dr. One very late night I had to go to the ER due to terrible muscle spasms. They gave me a shot of I think was lanacaine(sp??) Well, as far as they were concerned, I broke my contract and they shut me off! NO weening either! Now that I dont have a bone sticking out or am NOT bleeding to death they doubt my pain! I pray this surgery does work and I wont have to deal with any meds once all is said and done! BUT,what can I do in the meantime? I've gone for steroid enjections. Now seeing a therapist and in May will start seeing a Psychaitrist too! Please help with any and all ideas and suggestions (before the contract situation, I was getting Soma, Xanax & Oxycontins ( 30mg oc's and also 80mg. oc's)