I have two questions... I have been taking suboxone for almost two weeks to come off of dilaudid (hydromorphone). I had stressed to my doctor my concerns about becoming addicted to them. My body had become dependant on them because i had taken them so long, if i did not take them on time or missed one i would become sick. I have been on them since 18 and i'm now 23. I am currently seeing a suboxone doctor who drug tests me. I want to know how long it takes for dilaudid to come out of your system if this will be my only dose of dilaudid. (and i took 3 4mg because i read that even if you wait long enough before taking an opiate after taking suboxone the other opiate won't work unless you take more). My pain is so severe today i can barley walk due to having lymes disease. Keep in mind i am only 23, i can't live like this, either in total and utter pain or taking such a highly addicive and potentially deadly painkiller. Any suggesstions for an alteritive besides suboxone or dilaudid?
Thanks, Nikki