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Hydromorphone Support Group


Our support group for Hydromorphone has 12 questions and 169 members. Updated 30 Apr 2023.

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Which painkiller should you use?

How long does dilaudid stay in your system?

Can I take tynelol with hydromorphone?

Difference between oxymorphone and hydromorphone?

Hydromorphone - Is the u46 the same as a Dilaudid?

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1 in 10 ICU Patients With Heart Issues Has Illicit Drugs in Their System

FRIDAY, Aug. 18, 2023 – More than 1 out of every 10 patients who land in an ICU with a potentially deadly heart…

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Latest questions

Is hydromorphone ER still available on market?

Treating Opioid Overdose with Naloxone

Oxymorphone vs Hydromorphone - How do they compare?

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