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Difference between hydrocodone and hydromorphone, and which lasts longer for urine tests?


Jewellianne 19 Dec 2016

Basically hydrocodone and hydromorphone are the same drug, hydromorphone is what your body metabolizes hydrocodone in to.

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rxguy2013 22 Jan 2017

What you say is correct as I have read the same fact many time. It made me wonder why Hydromorphone is so much stronger .. Example: An 8mg hydromorphone (Dilaudid) pill taken orally is equivalent to 3 or 4 hydrocodone 10/325 pills taken orally.. It must have something to do with the molecular action at the neuron receptor cells for pain relief or the metabolite of the codeine to hydromorphone must must be incoplate or somehow weakened. The Apap (paramecetol/acetominphen) only adds to the pain relief and does not weaken hydrocodone. It adds about the same amount when taken in combination with Hydromorphone.
I wish a pharmacists who knew the chemistry to answer this would jump in...

49stever 18 Oct 2010

One is a derivitave of codeine. The other is of Morphine. They both stay in your system the same amount of time. Use the 7 day rule to be safe.

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