I would like to know specfically what chemicals dilaudid, opana, xanax, hydrocodone, oxycodone, klonopin, morpine, and marijuana would show up on a urine test and as to what each of these substances each breaks down to. Also would these drugs show up as the drug itself, or as a chemical, or as a drug category and could or would any of these drugs show up as the same drug, substance, or chemical on a urine test. I would also like to know how long one would have to abstain from dilaudid, hydrocodone, xanax, marijuana and or opana individually to pass a urine test in which a urine test in which one was prescribed morphine, klonopin, and oxycodone. So essentially I want to know how each of these drugs show up on a urine screen and as what chemicals or drugs and how long for each individual drug. I am also interested if any of these medicines would show up as the same substance or drug on a urine test. I am also very interested whether these test look for a certain chemical or the drug itself. Theoretically this would be a urine test from a pain clinic so it may or may not be sent to a lab. So information on both types of urnialysis's would be preferable. I do not need to know the effects of mixing these drugs, dangers or information on drug addiction, habituation, recovery, the policies of pain clinics, or federal or state drug laws. Let us assume these questions are for research purposes.