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Do Xanax and Klonopin show differently in urine tests?

9 Answers

karen rushing 21 May 2022

i did not know they were klonopin and took then with my zoloft and xanax

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Meme19 29 Sep 2019

Need info

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Nic27P 6 June 2019

Does Xanax show up the same as clonazepam?

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Dicky61 31 Jan 2022

Sorry dont know the Answer?

Sharajahnea21 3 June 2018


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Angie ray 10 May 2017

I heard it jusit shows as benzos

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Cardib 30 Sep 2018

But my doctor told me when I came back that I had caught up in my system and because she didn’t prescribe it to me she took me off of the Xanax I don’t see the difference labeled benzos she should’ve just been testing me for benzo’s

Devonne35 2 Dec 2019

Unless the urine drug screen is sent to a lab it will all show the same . I've been told that they cant tell the difference if its a doctors office doing a random drug screen all benzos show benzodiazepines. Unless sent to a laboratory then then do more intense testing

Pollution15 21 Sep 2016

Yes it does :(

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pauly d 12 May 2013

Hi. I have to strongly disagree with the last two answers. I'm saying because I can back it up with being someone who has taken hundreds of urines myself. Plus I also administered thousands of urines while I worked at a sober house.

The simple answer would be "yes". Unfortunately its not that simple. Many many many of the urines I administered came back negative for benzos when the person only took klonopin or in generic called clonazepam. Xanax or the generic called alprazolam however shows up every time. The company which I'm not going to mention their name (it wouldn't be appropriate) we used was a state of the art, high tech lab able to do forensic testing and they just didn't test for klonopin (clonazepam) like some other labs test for it.


I am a recovering addict myself and before working in the recovery field I had to take urines myself for courts, probation officers, detoxs, programs, hospitals, jobs... I've found that klonopin (clonazepam) doesn't always show up on urine screen's (drug tests).

You need to find out if the place doing your urines tests specifically for klonopin (clonazepam)...

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mhelcl 12 May 2013

In summary, there are test that can easily distinguish between the two if they are aiming to do so, however, your particular lab might not be trying to distinguish between the two. Either way, do not risk it, unless you want to find out the hard way.

janettemarie 9 Feb 2015

Um but aren't they both benzodiazepines ? How would it not show up if I've been taking them over a month

kedkad1214 14 April 2015

Yes Jeanette, both are benzodiazepines, however they have different compounds. Your employer should have a book or something with what drugs they are testing for. Depending on your state and your job, it's required. It's the law. If you have a legal prescription and you are taking them as prescribed for a medical condition, then there should be no worries, depending on your job, of course. DOT mainly.
Good luck!

Inactive 18 Jan 2012

I must agree with my friend Pledge.

Take care,


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Inactive 18 Jan 2012

Hello cheskahenry. No. They will both show up the same, as a benzodiazepine. Best of wishes,pledge

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cherri45 9 Aug 2017

I have a drug screen on friday, its at pain clinic, im on klonopin, but I took a couple zanex yesterday, will they both show up as benzo, or differently.

Melanie47 1 Oct 2018

They will also show which benzo it is that you're using that's how they knew you using another prescription you're not prescribed

Melanie47 1 Oct 2018

They show up differently I promise you and if you're not prescribed it then you're likely to lose Xanax to see my doctor took me off my Xanax when she found them Klonopin in my system

Melanie47 1 Oct 2018

I was prescribed Xanax and I took a couple Klonopins and when I went to the doctor she did a urinalysis when I came back she said I had Klonopin in my system I freaked out just because they're both benzos doesn't mean they're not going to show the names of which one they have many and they're not good to take a lot and very hard to come off of

Melanie47 1 Oct 2018

also if you signed a contract with your pain management doctor and you have another job that he didn't prescribe you he's going to take you off of everything I promise free discount card

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