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Hydromorphone - Is the u46 the same as a Dilaudid?


chem-master 14 May 2017

Yes Brian,
The white circle pill with a line down the middle on one side and u46 is Hydromorphone 8mg pill. Only difference I have noticed between this manufacture and others is it has a lot of binders if you break down the pill. I've been on Hyrdomorphone for pain for over 21/2 years and have had almost every type of manufacture that makes the Hydromorphone 8 mg tablets, from the heart shaped 8/m, heart shaped M/pp, White circle line with 54 425 and the line with u 46. Also this is the cheapest form of hydromorhone manufactured pills being I check what my insurance is billed and they are by far the cheapest, but hey I've been on all types and can honestly say as long as you are going through a legit phram like CVS, Publix, ect it doesn't matter because they will all have 8mg of the active ingredient. The u46 is made by Aurobindo Pharm and is new to making the 8mg hydromorphone pills. I notice them about 8-10 months ago in south FL and unless your insurance doesn't care they usually will go with the cheapest generic unless you want to pay more.

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PslpainXX 30 April 2022

I get the Superman shape ones from my Pharmacy, a month supply cost me around $60 bucks

PslpainXX 30 April 2022

The 8mg are all very similar, and work very well for some people. the 8mg give me longer and stronger relief than a 30mg Oxycodone would, but both are close in terms of pain relief

PslpainXX 30 April 2022

Oxymorphone 10mg is another option, Most regular morphine doesn't help a lot with my pain. Hydromorphone, Oxymorphone, and Oxycodone work 100% better and faster with few to zero side effects free discount card

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