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How long does dilaudid stay in your system?

Posted 31 Jul 2011 by vampirebarbie23 4 answers

I have two questions... I have been taking suboxone for almost two weeks to come off of dilaudid (hydromorphone). I had stressed to my doctor my concerns about becoming addicted to them. My body had become dependant on them because i had taken them so long, if i did not take them on time or missed ...

Can 12 panel test tell the difference between heroin and vicodin, hydromorphone or other opiates?

Posted 10 Oct 2010 by cskin2434 3 answers

If taking pre employment 12 panel urine test, can the lab tell the difference between heroin, Norco/Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, or any other opiates?

Can I take tynelol with hydromorphone?

Posted 4 Feb 2012 by jeeper65 3 answers

Had shoulder surgery and the hydromorph does not work as well as hydrocodone for pain relief

How long does hydromorphone stay in your urine?

Posted 28 Nov 2012 by crashem 2 answers

Which medication is actually stronger, hydromorphone or oxymorphone? I have both and am curious?

Posted 8 May 2010 by mrsmozley 6 answers

I am actually asking for my husband who has nerve damage in his back and has been prescribed both for the pain and we are just curious because he takes one of them every 4 hours and then 4 hours later takes the other. He alternates between the 2 if the pain is severe enough. Sometimes neither one ...

Whats the difference between hydromorphone, and oxymorphone?

Posted 29 Oct 2010 by dmlady 2 answers

I know 1 s dilaudid and one is opana, however what is the make up in them? thanks dm

I am 62 with chronic lower back pain with 3 surgeries and Gastric bypass?

Posted 53 minutes ago by Robert Lynn 0 answers

Hydromorphone HCL ER 16 MG Tab Will the medicine this be absorbed properly as my digestive process has been changed

RSD is my illness currently my pain is full body lots of side effects. Have been taking 150 fast.a?

Posted 15 Sep 2017 by 12Meadway 0 answers

Withdrawing from hydromorphone for 9 weeks will I don't crave this medication will never do that again. I RSD and since I stopped the drug the skin burning went full body even face slong with organ pain. I was diagnose with hyperalgesia but my pain increased after withdrawal. When will I feel ...

Why would taking Opana ER and Opana for break through pain show as if I was taking hydromorphone?

Posted 26 Jun 2017 by Confused56 1 answer

When I did not I was dismissed from my PM doctor because of it. I have never taken anything except the prescription he gives me.

How long does 4mg of hydromorphone stay in your system?

Posted 11 May 2017 by CCpc 0 answers

I take 1-4mg hydromorphone 4 times a day. I doesn't seem to last the whole 4 hours.

32mg hydromorphone ER Tablets?

Posted 25 Apr 2017 by Knicnew 1 answer

Hi all, Trying to figure out something here. My Dad was prescribed 32mg hydromorphone ER tablets. Then 8 days later was given 12mgER tablets with 4mg tablets. His dosage appears to have been brought down to the 8mg-16mg range. He was also receiving 10mg cyclobenzaprine and 30mg temazepam ...

Fentanyl Transdermal - How long before the Fentanyl patch to absorb into the system and starts to?

Posted 3 Oct 2015 by jg4123 1 answer

... take effect. Taking a 75 mg patch every 48 hrs. I have been taking 8 mg Hydromorphone tablet every three to fours hours for the last four years. Suffered a TBI - Brain bleed two vessels at brain stem broke open from Trauma. Very lucky to be alive but headaches are over the top!!!

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