I am going to try and get off my pain meds of 5 yrs both norcos & perks due to my bad back, fibro and arthritis pain I have been taking 10 to 12 a day but i want to try and wean myself off i tryed cold turkey in the past and i fail everytime i just can't take the withdrawls and with my business i own, i deal with the public and repeat customers and when i am withdrawling i can't face anybody! I will be done with my season at the end of october and i am trying to get myself ready and it scears the hell out of me. will SUBS help with all the bad withdrawls? more then likely they will be the strips 8mg/2. Also i have no insurance anymore as of last month i am selfemployeed and my rate are sky high being single and in my condition its hard to pay allmost a $1000 a month with business being so bad. will i need to be on the SUBS long? I heard that they are very exspensive? Thank you and God Bless.. Mickey from chicago.