... started taking it in the morning. I was fine for a few days but now 2 days ago I started having major anxiety & panic attacks. I had anxiety before i started taking the meds but not even close to what I'm experiencing now!! The side effects are horrible and I keep reading that I have to give it like a month to really work. I'm willing to ride it out if thats really the case but if not I'd rather stop. Does the anxiety and panic attacks go away over time? and usually how long? and why is it worse ever since I started taking zoloft? I took 1/2 (0.5) of Klonopin last night because the anxiety was that bad and it put me to sleep. I hate how i feel and dont know what to do??? I told my psych and his response was that I have 2 choices, either I stick it out and stay on it or get off. Not much help :o( -can someone please help!!