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What would be a good substitute for Lyrica?

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judes2562 4 March 2019

What would be a good substitute for Lyrica?

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judes2562 4 March 2019

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH THIS HELPS ME ALOT... I HAVE Osteoarthritis , Fibromyalgia, Diabetic, A lot of pain lately I am trying to stay off the heavy stuff my doctor seems to think that there could be good but I can't afford lyrica the cost is over $300 thank you for your comments it is help me tremendously... Thank You ,J.Smith...

Dr SB 2 Jan 2018

Gabapentin is very close in structure and pharmacology to Lyrica ("pregabalin" is the generic name). Both are seizure medications - they slow nerve signals, and thus may dampen the sensation of pain. Both are commonly used for chronic nerve pain - from the pain after a shingles attack, for diabetic neuropathy, for sciatica-type pain, etc. Both tend to cause fatigue. Lyrica can cause weight gain. I had terrible headaches with gabapentin. My wife vomited for 12 hours after taking one dose of gabapentin. Lyrica can have bankruptcy as a side-effect - but it should be available as a generic starting sometime this year. We have very poor choices available when it comes to treating chronic pain. The move to restrict the use of opioid medications is good in some ways, but we don't have many alternatives!

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Dulcinea 39 30 Oct 2018

You might be able to get Lyrica for free though Pfizer Pathways if you are single with an income less than $46k yearly or a couple with less than $94k yearly. I am single with an income of $40k yearly and have Medicare and a supplemental insurance and still can get Lyrica for free. Cost me over $800 thru my insurance.

lmfansler86 1 May 2013

I tried Lyrica. However, it not only made me gain weight but the gained weight made my Fibromyalgia pain worse. They tried me on a few others but Cymbalta seemed to help the most. Also they have me on Sulindac twice daily as well. The combined 2 prescription meds help but I also take supplements to aid in pain relief.

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GP2017 18 Nov 2017

Even that my insurance covers a big part of Lyrica prescription it's still to expensive for me. I can't afford it. I used Gabapentin before Lyrica, didn't take care of my pain in my foot and back. I would like to a cheaper alternative, but as affective as Lyrica.

Peg57 26 Feb 2018

I have used Lyrica & Cymbalta for several years which relieves my hip & leg pain. They say I have peripheral neuropathy in both legs coming from my back. I have tried getting off the Lyrica & the horrible pain came back. My neurologist told me that Lyrica & Cymbalta work well together to control pain & it has. Now, the problem has come that the cost for me is so much more for 2018 than it was for 2017 due to Anthem changing the tier levels of my medications to higher levels. My Lyrica went from me paying a $25 copay with a discount card in addition to my insurance & now with both of those my part each month for just the Lyrica is $95.00. I can't afford that every month. I thought about taking it every other day, not sure what that would do to me. I just wish I could get off all this stuff but I can't & I don't want to live with the awful pain if I don't take the medications. I took Gabapentin in the beginning & all it did was make me so sleepy at work. I am now just using one 75mg tablet at bedtime day of Lyrica.

Beth Godshall 8 Nov 2018

I read online that Lyrica’s patent runs out December ‘18. I am keeping my fingers crossed that 2019 won’t be repeat poverty!!

lady2882 20 April 2013

I tried cymbalta for my back pain and it helped to start but then I had what is called Pain Rebound. I was in alot of pain and became very depressed.
The most recent findings according to the FDA is that cymbalta has only 50% rate of success when it comes to back pain.
I had to go off the cymbalta and that was another horror story for me as it is one of the hardest SSRIs to discontinue (also according to the FDA).
So please make sure you do your research before starting cymbalta.

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pickles503 20 April 2013

Hi lady. I didn't know that about Cymbalta. I need to research it. Love ya my little Chickie.

Beth Godshall 8 Nov 2018

Wow! I’m so sorry. Thanks for your info, though. I’ve been putting my body through hell too trying one thing after another. I’m currently hoping Cymbalta works for me. Everyone is different, of course, but thanks for the heads up!

pickles503 19 April 2013

Hi there, bruce.
I'm taking Gabapentin, and I think that's the closest med your going to get to Lyrica. This is strange because I asked a question a few days ago about Gabapentin vs Lyrica. Actually, most people(I'm not totally sure yet) seem to find that they have one problem or another with Lyrica, but the biggest issue with Lyrica is weight gain. They can both cause memory loss. There was a suggestion that Cymbalta would be a good alternative. That would be my preference. I'm facing this problem myself. My docs want to take me off Gab and put me on Lyrica. After hearing what our friends had to say about the side effects of Lyrica, I have big time reservations about switching. They want me to get off Gab because I'm having memory problems that may be caused by it. According to our friends, Lyrica causes memory loss, too. So, sweetheart, I haven't a clear cut answer on your question.


Why are you asking? I think I get it, but I would like to hear it from you. This isn't about me or anyone else. This is about you.
May you have peace, hope and love,

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Wmbq 29 March 2017

Hi all,
I had tried Gabapentin and I had horrific nightmares with it. Had to stop taking it. Last night was my first dose of Lyrica (25 mg). I didn't like the way I felt and still feel dopey or drunk today. I have fibromyalgia but my Dr prescribed more to help me sleep. Cymbalta made my heart race.. I'm rather stuck..
Thank you!

Leahnardo 9 Oct 2018

Hi guys. I have been on Lyrica 150mg a day for four years. To treat chronic pelvic pain. It is the only drug that has given me any relief but I find myself having to decide if I can live with the side effects which include very poor circulation, numbness and pins and needles all over. My hair no longer looks healthy, I have pain in my ears that no one can diagnose, my teeth have developed cavities (I don't drink or smoke) I eat very healthy but have very suddenly put on lots of weight. I want to get off Lyrica but I can't deal with the pain. I feel for everyone in this position and hopefully something can be done. All advice welcome. Thanks

Beth Godshall 8 Nov 2018

Dear Leah,
I have been on Lyrica for chronic pain and fibromyalgia. I went up to 450mg a day. I gained about 40 to 45 pounds in 6 months! It was drastic and is still a problem. I went down to 300mg a day and was able to lose 10 pounds but that’s it. I have a family member that was taking lyrica and she says it makes her stupid. She is switching to Cymbalta. Another family member had surgery on a crushed vertebrae and he takes Cymbalta too. He says it works fine, he’s not in pain. I wanted to tell you that there is hope of getting off this medicine! I am trying hard, weaning off my current anxiety medicine so I can try Cymbalta and then wean off my Lyrica. I have no clue if I’m doing the right thing, but I’m not going down without a fight!!
BEST of blessings to you. ❤️

Lynniepen 7 Dec 2018

My previous insurance carrier suddenly decided to quit covering Lyrica. The demanded that i take Cymbalta, which does not work for my fibromyalgia.
Lyrica is extremely expensive.
Looks like im going to have to try gabapentin again.
Stress to your provider what does and doesn't work for you.

kaismama 19 April 2013

gabapentin is the closest med to lyrica. I take it instead of lyrica, I have too many side effects with lyrica.

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lizzie4 19 April 2013

I am on Lyrica for TN, trigeminal neuralgia, and I feel I am getting dementia because of the lyrica, did you find that. '
What side effects do you get on gabapentin, may I ask what you took lyrica for. god bless

sara12345 20 April 2013

I also just got diagnosed with Trigeminal Nerve pain. How much Lyrica do you need to take to control the pain? I ask because the doctor prescribed me 75 mg capsules up to 3 times a day, but in the past I found myself feeling drunk from just one of the 75 mg dose. So I've been told to pour out some of the beads from the capsule, but I'm worried if that will treat the pain. My pain has gotten somewhat better temporarily, but times will change.

lizzie4 20 April 2013

Hi sara, I have been told to take one 75 mg tablet morning and evening and I find its just enough to take the edge off and and keep me alert. I certainly would not be mucking about with the contents of the capsules. Who told you to do that.
I have been pain free for three days, but I know that it will hit me again as it always does.
Why don't you try two capsules and see how you go. My Doctor said to continue to use even when the pain subsides for a while.
My side effects of sleepiness and memory loss got better after 3 months or so.
Hope you get sorted, it would be nice to have a friend who is on the same place on this path of pain. let me know how you are going.

sara12345 21 April 2013

Sorry Lizzie, I never answered 2 of your questions. I'm a bit out of it these days with my severe migraines, which was the reason why I was put on Lyrica years ago. The gabapropen (sp?) made me nearly comatose on the lowest dose. Just took the one pill. I could only sit in a chair and couldn't even turn my head to look at my husband when he came into the room! Both my doctor and the pharmacist said that I could dump out part of the capsule to lower the dose. It is good to have a friend who is also suffering from the terrible Trigeminal nerve pain. It is something else! Lets keep in touch. Sara

lizzie4 21 April 2013

Hi Sara, I am so sorry that you are having a job getting balanced with the meds, mind you just when I thought I had it all worked out it jumped up and bit me. That'll teach me to be too confident.
Ended up in ER today was having trouble breathing. This is something new. ER doctor didn't really know what he was talking about. He only speaks a little English and I only speak a little Spanish, as if getting help for TN isn't complicated enough. Said I was stressed. That's a laugh, show me someone with TN who isn't stressed. Pain is back seems to have surrounded my left eye, gosh I really hate this!

He mucked about with my meds, but I don't think I shall do what he says. Have you ever heard of anyone on lyrica having breathing problems?

Hope this following week is going to be better for you, Strange about the migraines I have always suffered with them too, must be some connection.
take care Lizziex

sara12345 22 April 2013

Lizzie, I looked up the side effects of Lyrica on and to quote, "Respiratory side effects including dyspnea (up to 3%) and bronchitis (up to 3%) have been reported. Apnea, atelectasis, bronchiolitis, hiccup, laryngismus, lung edema, lung fibrosis, and yawn have been reported rarely."

Dyspnea is shortness of breath (SOB), or air hunger, is the subjective symptom of breathlessness. Apnea is a term for suspension of external breathing. So in fact, Lyrica can cause breathing problems, but they could also be symptomatic of something else. In 85% of dyspnea cases, it is due to either asthma, pneumonia, cardiac ischemia, interstitial lung disease, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or psychogenic causes. I'm wondering what mucking of meds did the ER doctor come up with? Perhaps you would be better off to see your regular doctor about your symptoms. What a shame if you cannot take the Lyrica if that has helped with your TN.


(Don't recall now and cannot look back at your other postings.) Hope that you can get to the bottom of this. Sara

sara12345 22 April 2013

P.S. I was told that I could take the Lyrica as needed. If you feel that the lyrica is causing dementia, maybe you could take it as needed as well.

lizzie4 22 April 2013

That would be good Sarah, didn't have any idea you could take as needed, dose that mean no withdrawal on this med. I have been taking mine since January. If I can take as needed that would be fantastic.
How do you feel today, any respite from the pain?
Love x

sara12345 22 April 2013

Yes, I was told that by a university health system (one of the top ones in the country) from a doctor in their specialized pain clinic. So I am sure of this. Don't know however, if there could be any withdrawal symptoms. You could check that on-line. My TN pain has subsided, but I had one of my worst 2 days this weekend with a very severe migraine. I took the full dose of Maxalt and Fioricet both days, plus my anti-inflammation gel with little success. I finally upped the dose of my Butran patch to the maximum dose which my doctor has not prescribed me at that level. I was desperately trying not to have to go the ER. It's finally better now. Sometimes these migraines suddenly get horrible for no discernible reason.

srwalker33 15 July 2014

I'm on a dose of 600mg a day, my pain level is still increasing but I now am suffering the worst muscle pain I've ever had.

autoimuneJohn 21 Jan 2015

I have suffered with migraines and am looking into the botox treatment as I also have Dysautonomia. I was on lyrica but was getting bad edema (swelling of my legs). I am taking CYMBALTA now with little effect. My pain is crazy and it is even driving my Dr.s crazy. I am under good care but with so many internal issues it is all about trying to controll each issue the best we can.

Mimilynn 1 Aug 2016

I take lyrics, and my side effects have been: weight gain, puffy feet, memory loss. The weight gain makes me so depressed, and that's my big concern.

Rick5673 7 Nov 2016

To Sara12345, I've been taking 150mg wud for about 2 years. I've never had dizziness or drunk feelings. It does however warn that it can be abused..
I'm currently dealing with memory loss and I'm here researching an alternative to Lyrica though. Good luck..

MommaD88 5 June 2018

I take Lyrica 50 mg 3 times a day and I do suffer from withdrawals I've tried not taking them I've been on them for two and a half years now but when I tried not taking them I would sweat I would feel nauseous vomit diarrhea hot and cold feeling so that's why I'm looking for an alternative for Lyrica because afraid of the withdrawal but I also have crazy amount of pain and it seems like the longer I take it the Lyrica the the less it works cuz my pain is like slowly coming back and getting worse I tried gabapentin and I've tried Cymbalta and a lot of other things but they don't seem to work if anybody has any knowledge of anything that they found Works instead of taking Lyrica please let me know thank you and have a blessed day

Inactive 19 April 2013

Cymbalta is used in the treatment of anxiety; chronic pain; depression; back pain; diabetic peripheral neuropathy (and more), and belongs to the drug class serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors.

Cymbalta is associated with the treatment of:

Back Pain
Chronic Pain
Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Savella is used in the treatment of fibromyalgia; reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome and belongs to the drug class serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors.

Click on the link for a list of medications:

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pickles503 20 April 2013

masso, I'm proud of you for the research you did on this question. Very thorough.

Inactive 20 April 2013

Thank you very much Anna.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Your friend,

Inactive 20 April 2013

My mother suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia, I wanted to share this with you.

pickles503 20 April 2013

My daughter has ms and it's killing me inside my heart. I'm sorry for your mom having it. It's really sad. Thx for your time,
I will take care and you do the same.'

Inactive 20 April 2013

I am so very sorry your daughter has ms, I know how you must feel, we must be strong Anna.


sara12345 22 April 2013

To Pickles and masso, So sorry to hear about your family members having ms. Keep in mind that the disease can go into remission. I had a therapist who has ms who was working, but used some crutches to walk. So maybe there is some hope for you. But it is certainly a big blow to both of you. I recently was diagnosed with probably Trigeminal Nerve disease which can be a symptom of ms. Then I have had 3 bad falls for no apparent reason in a 9-day period of time. Makes me wonder if I may have ms. Plus I have a whole bunch of other symptoms of ms, but those can be from other problems that I have. We'll see by this coming August, if not sooner, when I am scheduled to get an MRI and MRA. Certainly wish you both the best with those new diagnoses. Sara

autoimuneJohn 21 Jan 2015

I don't know if you have had any verification of your issues but you may want to find a Dr. familiar with Dysautonomia. That is what my Dr. and I have narrowed things down to. I have symptoms of MS, Fibro, Diabetic nerve pain, arthritis pain (with out the actual calcification of joints) with joint swelling, and peripheral neuropathy.

sara12345 22 Jan 2015

Thanks so much for your inquiry and suggestion. My tests showed that I don't have MS, but in the meantime have had 2 other bad things happen to me which have changed the quality of my life--big time. It never seems to stop. Oh well. free discount card

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