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Gained 10 lbs in 2wks! I started both Elavil(amitryptiline)& Neurontin(Gabapentin)Which one is it?

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janiebme 2 Feb 2016

Hi SheriA-
I can only speak for the amitriptyline. I have been on amitriptyline 20 mg for the past 2 months and it made me gain weigh but not as rapid as yours. I plan on getting off of it as soon as I am able. My thoughts are with you. Hope you find your answer:)

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Nursenema 2 Feb 2016

Unfortunately, both can cause weight gain. Just try to stay as active as possible.

WildcatVet 2 Feb 2016

One, either, or both. If the weight gain is nor excessive, and 10lbs is not, you may have to opt for mental health and happiness over vanity.
I gained weight on some other medications and I love ever pound of it because I am happy, functional, and productive
Best wishes, WCV

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jstacy55 3 Feb 2016

It's Elavil! Same thing happened to me in 1981! When I mentioned to my psychiatrist this last November that I slept so well with Elavil, maybe I could now? He answered that I probably would, but the unfortunate side effect would most likely be weight gain. I believe it cures your depression so effectively that your appetite increases? think I read that somewhere among my many many medical newsletters...

chuck1957 3 Feb 2016

SheriA; here are some uncommon/ Rare side effects on Gabapentin(((unexplained weight loss***
voice changes
weakness or loss of strength
weight gain****** OKAY CHUCK AGAIN!!! Amitriptyline under common is weight gain!!! ***** when I was on both of these at the same time it was the Amitriptyline that I gained weight from not the Gabapentin it is known more as a WEIGHT NEUTRAL MEDICATION WHEN BOTH ARE LISTED GAIN AND LOSS MOST PEOPLE STAY ABOUT THE SAME WEIGHT. just my personal feeling is you might be able to control the gain a lot of people do it by adjusting what they eat, Small walks, and less red meat. BUT AT 5lbs a week none of us could handle that for long. You think it over and talk with your doctor before you end up with at least 60lbs a year. There are a lot of good medications that well help you sleep that you don't have to worry about gaining weight.if that is a problem.

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Kittyinct 8 Feb 2016

Hi Sheri,

I was prescribed Elavil for chronic pain (along with 100 mg. Gabapentin, in 2013) but the Elavil made me so crazy I stopped them both. I gained a great deal of weight on the Elavil, I even would eat dinner and then eat another one. I was so ravenous I think I would ave eaten a piece of cardboard had you put some cream cheese on it!! It also gave me many more bad side effects, but you're only asking about the weight gain, so I won't take up space with all the rest. This past year I got a new PCP who put me on 600 mg. of Gabapentin 3X a day, and it isn't having that effect on me, (although I think I do lot of "comfort" eating, so I fluctuate,) but the Gabapentin actually improved my mood for a long time.

WildcatVet 8 Feb 2016

Both drugs are reported in the PDR as having a very slight potential to cause weight gain (Gabapentin 2.9% and Elavil 3.8% of users).
Of course those figures are not of much comfort if you happen to be in those percentile groups. :-( free discount card

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