Hi gang! My neuropathy has been Hair-On-Fire painful since the end of 2009, maybe earlier, to the point where Cemeteries looked comfortable, just kidding, guys! My doc (bless his heart!) just changed my dose and I'm just so thrilled to report that me twigs have been gradually getting a bit better, the stinging, stabbing and burning pain, and let's not forget the electric shock type pain that makes ya squeak like a mouse, is better!
Today will be the tenth day on my gabapentin dose switcheroo, and I'm SO very grateful!!

Yet, I do have some funky side effects, the MAJOR side effect is idiocy or I suppose I should use the words "Cognitive Impairment" : ). I can sit at my desk, typing an email and the right word, or phrase won't come to me until the middle of the night, where I shoot up in bed, into a sitting position and want to write the proper term on paper, and gang, SOMETIMES I DO, at 4am! (That's why I've been at my desk since 4am THIS morning!)

Also, gabapentin either gets me revved up, like an Arabian horse, ready to fly thru the desert! (Or is that dessert, as I've gained a bunch of unwanted pounds! UGH!) It either cranks me up or it makes me Dopey or Sleepy, yes, like Snow White and the Seven Little People, well I can't write "Dwarves" as it's not politically correct, now is it? (I don't want to offend folk and have to write an Open Letter of Apology yet again!) My Xanax can't even calm down my "Arabian horse nerves", which is really a pain in the arse, but I can accomplish a lot more than I used to when my Arabian horse hours hit, a lot comparatively speaking, as the Fibromyfriggin'algia keeps me in some amount of pain. OK, it keeps my muscles cramping and tight and the nerves in my legs twitching and jumping, which is VISIBLE to the naked eye. Yuck.

And the loveliest of all, weight gain, yes it's finally hit me! The Wall of Flab has gotten the best of me and it seems that no amount of starving, walking, dancing can keep it away! Heavy sigh! So, my husband and my bestie have both said to let it go, not to be so vain, for what I'm experiencing (or should I say NOT experiencing?) at this time is a miracle!

To sum up, OR if you didn't want to read all the stuff above, here's the straight scoop...

A) Gabapentin is working @ 300mgs, 3 times a day, lessening the neurop.
B) I'm a nincompoop, now (although my brothers and some folk on this site would argue that I've been that way all my life : )! I must HUNT for words! (I used to have a vast vocab, frustrating!)
C) I'm as hyper as a 9 year old on a sugar buzz and as skittish as an Arabian.
D) Weight gain, ugh, ugh, oh NO! NO! (What goes around, comes around!) I've a theory, there's a certain amount of fat in the world and we all trade it, depending upon whom is eating Maple Pecan Ice Cream and the girls that are currently starving themselves. It's MY TURN, friends! So go put your bikini's on.

Your friend who USED TO have a descriptive vocabulary AND a nice figure,