I'm currently on a relatively high dose (perhaps one of our nurses could let me know if my dose is actually high?) of Gabapentin, 600mgs 4 x's a day and I am having very little relief, my pain has been very high since the beginning of January. (also, anyone craving sugar like mad on this med?)
I also take an opioid pain med as well, and I do believe I've built up a tolerance so I'm going to put myself thru withdrawal to make them work again. That kind of sucks, as w/d is pretty hellish. I've done it before... about six months ago and my opioid meds began to work again.

But the Gabapentin isn't doing anything either, do we build a tolerance to it as well as opioids? Is that possible? If so, should I taper off of Gabapentin and see if it works? Any advise/opinions/and laughter will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance,