I've been having strange heart beats, my heart will suddenly flutter for about 30 seconds, which may not sound scary, but 30 seconds of fluttering actually IS scary! I've been back on Amitriptyline for one month, could it be that?
I've always had this arrhythmia, but never, ever this long, just a few two-second flutters a day, but not like this!

I'm also having really bad muscle spasms in my shins, either connective tissue, nerves or muscles in shin area are causing the foot on one leg to "draw upward" (for lack of a better term) could THAT be the Amitriptyline?
They happen when I'm prone or sleeping and I have to awaken because these spasms are too intense to allow me to sleep or stay in bed.

Thanks to all who want to weigh in on this! All opinions welcome!
Your friend,
P.S. Sorry gang, but I just can't be my funny self right now, have had two tragic deaths in my family AND I had to euthanize my dog. Not super funny the last several weeks.