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Can fluocinonide 0.05% gel be use in the mouth on gums & inside cheeks?

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Cbrenton 18 Dec 2023

Reading from my prescription label verbatim... Apply to the mouth up to three times a day ignore external use only. This was prescribed for an ulcer that I had in my upper gum.

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primemind 7 April 2018

I have been using this in my mouth for canker sores for years. Canker sores have plagued me my whole life. Whether its from allergies, I have no idea. As soon as I can feel a sore coming on, I put fluocinonide gel on the spot. It works best before bed when your done eating and drinking. I will wake up the next day and the potential sore will be gone. This has improved my quality of life drastically. Even if it did have negative side effects, I would still consider it.

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kaismama 26 Oct 2013

Absolutely not. It is for external use only. If you have a problem with your mouth, see your dentist.

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sophie021012 26 Oct 2013

this was prescribed today for my husband by his pcp. for a sore on the inside of his cheek. I noticed the package said for external use only. Can this be dangerous if used in the mouth?

SPF63 21 Feb 2015

Hey kaismama, I been using Fluocinide on my gums and inside of my cheecks for years, it was doctors orders, i use the gel because is easier then the cream, all the same.

AlanWW 10 July 2015

The package that the fluocinonide 0.05% comes in says DO NOT USE IN YOUR MOUTH, NOSE, on your face OR EYES. My dentist said that in certain cases your doctor will advise you otherwise; in fact he said it's been used in the mouth for years. Only use it according to your doctor's instructions. In my case I have an inflammation between two of my teeth. He said apply a small amount between those two teeth and work it in further with floss, three times per day. For inside the mouth Gel is best or so I've heard, Cream is just fine but the ointment really tastes bad according to my dentist. I'm using the cream because my pharmacy didn't have the gel, the taste is very light and doesn't bother me at all, but I've only had one application at this point. :)

Narogal 5 April 2017

The FDA bars pharmaceutical companies from publicizing the off label uses for their drugs. They are not even allowed to tell doctors about those off label uses. Doctors are not prevented from prescribing drugs for off label use, and once drugs are widely prescribed, doctors and patients often find other uses for them.

My daughter was prescribed this drug for her canker sores. Trust your doctor...

Smorse1 26 Aug 2017

I am a caregiver for a lady who is 100 yrs old this yr. We recently went to the dentist due to her having gum pain and he prescribed fluocinonide to put on gums. The pamphlet that came with it said not to use orally, but dentist and pharmacist said perfectly safe in small doses. She still has 20/20 vision and read pamphlet and refuses the gel. Any suggestions?

glenisnelson 5 Nov 2018

I use it and Tacrolimus for Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid on the gums. It is used to assist in the removal of bad tissue. free discount card

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