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What does it mean when the Anbesol gel turns white in your mouth after applying to sore area?


Alph4bet5oup 25 Nov 2022

It has an ingredient that, once exposed to air or water, once it dries kind will turn to a gummy paste. You'll see if you put some on your finger and wipe with a napkin, there will be sticky residue. This helps it stick to your teeth and other areas of application

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csm76 16 June 2017

I was wondering the same thing. I have been using a liquid generic Anbesol and when I pull the applicator out of my mouth after rubbing it on my gums it is chalky white, almost hardened. I didn't know if it was a reaction caused by oxygen or perhaps because it may be expired. Sometimes if I spit afterwards small "chunks" of white are present. I will be watching for an answer as well.. thanks for the question!

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Blakevictoria 25 Aug 2017

I also am having the same issue

kiwiaspartame 17 Sep 2017

Yoooo, Its been happening to me my whole life. I swish it around in me mouth, and whiteish tiny chunks always come out... the only thing I can think it is, is calcium. But who knows. Wish I had a legit answer. free discount card

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