Anbesol works wonders for mouth problems, tooth aches etc.
I have unbelievable itching off and on. I have been to the doctor, had the whole work up done; pap smear, culture for infection or yeast infection. All negative. The doctor thought possibly some food I eat may be irritating me. So for the last couple months I have made changes there, with no success with the itching. I cannot use hormone products at all, either cream or medication, because I am Chronic Kidney Disease, due to cancer, and only now have one partial kidney left and it is working better than it did when it was a whole kidney. I also have No thyroid glands and am on Synthroid (Name) medication. I am a couple months shy of age 74. No sex for nearly 30 years since I lost my husband, so no chance of any disease there. Part of my intestines were removed due to scar tissue from surgeries, so we thought that the food might be an issue. I am Gluten Free, no wheat, nothing to cause issues there. No sweets or heavy Potassium foods for going on 10 years now. Just flat gave it all up after the kidney disease began. But, this itching is driving me insane. I have considered trying the Anbesol with a Q-Tip, just to see if I get some relief. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated here. Thank You.