... Does anyone else have pain that starts in their TEETH then spreads upwards (downwards) into the gums? My pain is more look severe sensitivity/burning. My dentist just thought I had sensetive teeth because when my pain 1st started, I only got it when I was outside in the winter. Now 8years later it is a dailly thing. I don't always know what may trigger the pain. It can be from exposed to cold air to hot air, if my food is to hot or to cold, or if my drink is to cold. It will also flare up from different textures of the food I eat, then the next time I eat it, it may not bother it at all. I spend my days in constant fear every time I try to eat, drink, or go outside. My pain always starts with tingling in my teeth then progressively gets worse, most times to the point my teeth & gums have so much pain that I won't even open my mouth for 20-40 mins because the pain is so bad. I have not yet been diagnoised with BMS(yet), I have seen 3 dentist, family doctor & a neurologist. No one seems to know what is going on. So I have been doing my own web searches & found BMS. So now I need to ask them if BMS is a poosiblity.