Hi there! I was diagnosed with OCD when I was 8 (12 years ago) and have been pretty consistently on Zoloft with varying doses. This past year, I have begun to struggle more and more with depression and my OCD has been spiked because of this due to the nature of the depressed thoughts and my fear of dying/hurting people/etc. Recently, I was given a perscription for Wellbutrin to accompany my Zoloft. I am currently taking 200mg Zoloft and 150mg Wellbutrin. I have been taking this Zoloft dose for about three months and just started Wellbutrin about a week ago. I was wondering if anyone could comfort me in this adjusting period with possible success stories. I was also curious how long it took people to adjust to Wellbutrin. Do you ever feel like a normal person again? It has improved my energy definitely, but I still get the scary thoughts and crying spells. I know it's still new and I have to give it time, but I was just curious to see others experiences. If Wellbutrin wasn't good for your OCD/depression, is there a drug you prefer?