Is it okay to take a whole prescrip. pill the first day,but then discontinue using it the next day. My doctor prescribed me 50 MG Zoloft for anxiety, and OCD.He said to start off by taking half a pill for the first week. However, I didn't take any of the pills for months because I don't like taking medicines due to the side effects, and I don't think they are really necessary because I can manage my anxiety for the most part, and I really don't think I have exercise OCD because there are plenty of people that have rigid workout routines and self competitiveness in terms of running standards/goals... however today I had a really bad panic attack,so I just took a whole pill of this Zoloft in attempt to allay it since nothing seemed to work at the time. Is it okay that I started by taking one whole one rather than half? Also, (I'm not sure if this is fully yielded from the pill since I didn't get much sleep last night) but I feel extraordinarily sleepy to the point of falling over, and "out of it" despite drinking caffeinated coffee. I don't like feeling like this.Is this normal, and can I stop taking this medicine since I've only just taken it once today?