I have struggled for most of my life from early teens to now aged 55 female with severe anxiety. I had a severe breakdown 15 years ago and diazepam literally saved my life. Before being prescribed them I lost weight weighing 5 stone 10 pounds they were the crutch I needed to bring me back from hell on earth. I still struggle on a daily basis with severe anxiety but when and if I muster up the courage to visit the doctor they are so anti diazepam. I am made to almost beg for them they just say go to counselling. I have been to so many counselling sessions, relaxation, yoga exercise (I also have a very loving and supportive family) but everyday is the same waking to an awful feeling of nerves I think it's so cruel to make anyone suffer the way I have to and it's not fair to my husband and family I have very poor sleep as well. Please tell me why if there is a tablet that can relieve my symptoms why can't I have them I just don't understand why I am made to suffer in this way it's a poor quality of life for me . I understand everything there is to know about diazepam but after reading and responding to this website I hope someone can help.