I got the Depo shot on Feburary 8th, 2017. The first two weeks afterwards I felt fine, surprisingly no side effects so I was happy about getting it. However, when the third week started, all hell started to break lose. Mood swings, severe depression, OCD, severe anxiety, loss of sex drive, constant spotting, loss of attraction to my BF, and more. I know the shot wears off in three months but that doesn't mean that the effects will be gone! Someone please tell me they returned to normal eventually and relatively fast. I wake up everyday in a panic attack, cry all the time for no specific reason, feel "weird" and just disconnected from everyone and everything.

One thing that happened two weeks ago that is causing me the most distress is how I went from happy with my life and super happy with my relationship, so in love with him, to constantly questioning life, my relationship, if he's the right one, and if I should be in this relationship or not. It's horrible because the thought of not being with him or just not feeling connected and completely happy with him just like in January (or before the shot) gives me tense panic attacks and I break down crying. I must say that I have been diagnosed with OCD and an eating disorder around this time last year but I went to therapy and was put on anti depressants (prozac) and got completely better. I went off the prozac in late November-decemberish 2017 and was completely fine until this stupid shot. What also makes me anxious is the thought of how what if the shot isn't causing this and this is really me just coming to my senses about everything? I had my problems with this relationship in the beginning (worry, slight anxiety, wanting to run away, picking apart things I didn't like about him, etc. but I came to the conclusion that nobody and no relationship is perfect, but all of a sudden two weeks ago everything came bashing back into my head). I feel like I'm going crazy. Will this go away is this caused by the shot or am I just going crazy?! I can't deal with this anymore when will I go back to normal? Everyday I wake up in fear of ruining my life or relationship that was once fun and enjoyable.

P.s. He does have his problems, like we all do. I'm a different version of myself around him, but it's still me. At least I think it is. What if I'm not enough or myself around him? I have always thought like this throughout our relationship (been about 4 months now) but before the shot I was able to shut these thoughts down and be in the moment. I saw a future in us and now I am scared of what will just happen today. I need some hope. I'm dying over here.