I received shot in my hip on 8/29 and have slept only 2 hrs, a nite since then. I cannot even work now, job is very physical. Am nervous, shaky,whole body twitches. Finally decided to take Dr. advice and take Xanax last nite ( only 1/2 pill) It did calm me down and help me rest, but now feel out of it, and still shaky. How long does this anxiety, nervousness last? This was my 1st shot. Also am afraid to drive much. Never really took any med but aleve. Just want to know how long these effects typically last.Also, don't have much appetite, just nervous eating. All my doctors tell me they have never seen this happen before. ( I really don't believe them) Also, should I go to cardiologist or neurologist ? ( having some chest pain and numbness in left arm) I don't want to take much of the Xanax, says it may be addictive, and don't need more side effects. Help