I started Wellbutrin (generic) 150 mg 2x per day back in October, and it's been a miracle drug. I haven't felt that good in many years, my appetite decreased dramatically, and I had lots of energy and my anxiety subsided a bit.

In early March, I started on 300mg XL (generic-Par Pharmacuticals) once a day; I figured it would be easier than having to remember to take the 2nd pill. I started taking it around 8pm everyday; since I started on the 300mg XL at night, I've been feeling kind of blah at times, and my appetite is completely out of control; I am constantly hungry and gaining weight again (I'm already overweight). Also, I'm not nearly as energetic as I was before, and I'm having sleep issues, not being able to fall asleep until 3am. And it's not even the most restful sleep.

I'm wondering if I should switch back to the 150mg/2x per day. I've also read conflicting views about taking it during the AM vs. PM. Maybe I should start taking it in the morning instead?

I just want to get to back to the happy, energetic person I was a few months ago. Right now, I just feel very 'meh' and very, very hungry. Thanks for any advice!