I'm taking generic Wellbutrin. 150mg SR 2x per day for depression and ADHD.
The first week was amazing I had TONS of energy which I appreciated because I deal with pretty bad fatigue.
This second week I seem to be a lot more tired. It still helps A LOT with my ADHD (giving it a few weeks to see how it helps depression).

Is this tiredness something that will go away after a few weeks?
Would XR be better?
Would brand name be better than generic?
Are there any other medications that can be added to help with the tiredness?
Is it possible I wore myself out the first week because I was taking advantage of so much energy? (I usually don't do much then all of a sudden I could do everything)

I don't want to stop it at all because this is the first time I've been able to think clearly. Its life changing for my ADHD and I hope it is for my depression as well.