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Lamotrigine - Does this drug give increased energy and reduced appetite?

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masso 12 Jun 2016

The brand name is Lamictal, as you probably know it is anti-epileptic medication and also used as a mood stabilizer. I used it as a mood stabilizer and it worked great with moods as I am bipolar. I remember feeling better after the drug reached its peak (4 to 6 weeks in my case), but this is not en energy medication and regarding the loss of appetite I did experience this side effect, which BTW is considered a rare side effect.
You must be aware of the possible lamictal rash:

"Serious and sometimes fatal rashes, including Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis, have rarely occurred with the use of lamotrigine. The risk of serious rash may be greater in children younger than 16 years old than in adults.

MeggieGirl 13 Jun 2016

My bipolar mood disorder involves severe recurrent depression with mania displaying itself not as euphoria, but irritability. A great portion of my life was spent living like a hermit, basically having so little energy or motivation, all I ever did was lie in bed. On vacations, this could mean days on end... just watching tv and movies, falling asleep, eating something while watching tv, falling asleep. Complete isolation from family for five years.

Almost immediately after starting the medication, a few significant things happened (we still had more work to do, and I was not fully diagnosed at that time), but they were big steps for me.

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Inactive 15 Jun 2016

Is a low dose of lamotrigene (25mg) enough to be effective if a person is sensitive to higher doses of medication? (if it is being instead, when an antidepressant isn't working). Is there an extended release version available?

MeggieGirl 15 Jun 2016

'Sup, G!!! :-D

So, here's the thing, a lot of medical practitioners don't consider a person to be within "therapeutic levels" until they are around one fifty to two hundred, but every single person I have met - except one - felt the benefits IMMEDIATELY, and on whatever they were given as their starting dose (twenty-five is the lowest)

Most doctors also think that it will take two or three weeks to fully do its thing, but for me, my life was changed by day THREE.

Inactive 16 Jun 2016

'Sup Meggie!
It was hugely generous of you to thoroughly answer my question by sharing so much of your life's experience to do so! Thank you so much for your input. I think we'd be great buddies if we lived close to each other - I would love to go to lunch and spend an afternoon with you and Janiebme. We'd have a great time together, talking and laughing. You and Janie have so much empathy for others, and you both have a great sense of humor. A lot of healing comes from humor. Thanks again for your comments! "G"

lexus985 16 Jun 2016

It made me sleep 20 hours a day! free discount card

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