I'm new to this med & recently increased from 10mg to 20 mg (at night) I can't get a good night's sleep. I fall asleep OK, but I wake up VERY early. I take a trip to the bathroom to urinate, & after that I CAN NOT fall back asleep. Mainly, because I can't shake the feeling that I need to pee again. It feels like I have a urinary tract infection. However, I Don't have this problem at all during the day. I just feel crappy during the day because I've been 'robbed' of 3 hours of sleep.
I can't ignore the urge 'to go' because I'm too distracted by the muscle tension of 'holding it in'. Although, once I'm in the bathroom, there is barely any urine. But all of the running back-and-forth is making me very frustrated & sleep deprived. Anyone else with similar experience?