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Can you break down those 10 mg opana er and inject them?

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Rajive Goel 5 Aug 2011

OPANA ER (oxymorphone hydrochloride extended release) TABLETS are to be swallowed whole and are not to be broken, chewed, dissolved, or crushed. Taking broken, chewed, dissolved, or crushed OPANA ER (oxymorphone hydrochloride extended release) TABLETS leads to rapid release and absorption of a potentially fatal dose of oxymorphone.

They cannot be injected, please take care.

caringsonbj 5 Aug 2011

Rajive is absolutely right, I take Opana Extended release 40mg. I-every 8 hours it states clearly not to chew, dissolve or in any way compromise the tablet. it being broken is hammpered in any way is extremely dangerous and as Rajive said it is not to be dissolved in any way for use in an injectable form Please I wish you safety and care while using this

Rajive Goel 5 Aug 2011

Thanks, Billy, you have a nice day, take care.

DzooBaby 5 Aug 2011

Please, please dont do this. Injecting dissolved pills is never a good idea. There are inert ingredients that do not dissolve completely and if injected could could cause a number of problems like infection or inflammation of a blood vessel, or even pulmonary embolism or a stroke which can be and often are fatal. Injecting all of a time release medication can also lead to overdose as you are bypassing the time release mechanism. Any time you chew. break, dissolve or otherwise alter a time release pill, you could be subject to overdose because you can release a fatal dose of medication. If your medicine is not working to relieve your pain, you should speak to your Dr about it or go to the ER for evaluation. Please dont dissolve and inject pills. We dont condone this kind of behavior on this site and we want you to be safe and this is not a safe behavior.

caringsonbj 9 Aug 2011

the very thought of getting more of this medication (and I take it continually every 8 hours) just the thought of messing with this in any way other than it's intended purpose IS a nightmare just waiting to happen Billy free discount card

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