I used Symbicort (inhaler) once 5 years ago to address chronic cough/long-term, non-asthmatic shortness of breath, and it triggered a mildly painful spot in my upper back between shoulder blade and spine. After discontinuing Symbicort, a second inhaler (Xopenex) made that same pain sharp, so I gave up on inhalers. The thoracic spot faded overtime, but I could always tell "something" was there, though nothing showed up on x-ray, CT scan, or MRI. All of a sudden several weeks ago, the spot became painful again without a trigger, and I can still feel it on a daily basis with deep breaths, coughs, etc. My pulmonologist suggested it might have been a bad reaction to the original Symbicort, but he doesn't seem concerned about it. I feel like even a mildly painful spot in my back needs attention, but I'm not sure what type of physician would address this? For those who experienced back pain from Symbicort, does any of this sound similar to your situation, and if so, what did you do about it?