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Which works better symbicort or spiriva? I have gained weight on symbicort will spiriva do the same?

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Clin70 4 Oct 2020

I have used both and by far Symbicort works the best. I have used it for 5 years if memory serves me right. Love it and it makes all the differance in the world. I panic if I run out. I have not gained any weight on Symbicort.

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Dfrench57 6 Nov 2019

Symbicort in my opinion and Im sure each has something different besides being long lasting. I am 62 and have COPD. I am also a nurse and used both. Here is the answer my Dr. gave me after being sick. "People with respitory disease find it hard to keep on weight,when they start advancing in age. Once you loose weight it is impossible to put it back on." I had lost 20lbs hospitalized and have an over active thyroid (hyperthyroidism). My husband brought me a shake everyday and I put 20lbs on in a couple months. So the answer for me is it depends on alot of things: normal eating habits, healthy eating habits. ( Im not guilty of healthy) But if you find yourself consuming more calories than usual you probably will .Getting thrush in your mouth will slow down any eating habit . Instructions advise you to rinse your mouth with just a swish or two of water. You should do this after any inhalant of any kind and I think ,though I dont know because I haven't used every one on the market this will be in instructions for use. I hope this helps youI God Bless.

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Inactive 15 Feb 2011

weightgain, just a quick question, did you quit smoking recently? Using these type of Asthma meds, I did, & gained 25 to 30 pounds. Can't seem to lose it either, & it's been six years or more! My doc thinks it was the Lyrica I used to take for Fibromyalgia, but I think not smoking really slowed my metabolism, plus I'm getting older & slowing down. Things to think about. Good luck to you

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Inactive 15 Feb 2011

I was lead to understand that symbicort is used as a asthma prevenitive, which I have taken on & off over the years because of astma, but because it caused me to get thrush in the mouth I was put on another drug alvesco which has a lower dose of cortisone in it so its less likely to cause this problem in people like me ! You mentioned does spiriva gain weight ? I am on this drug because I have been diagnosed with COPD due to years of smoking, my age is 60. I cant see anyone putting on weight with this product so read up all known side effects with this drug then you will have a better knowledge. good luck candypq

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gillyj 20 July 2011

I have been on spiriva for about 18 months now and have gained loads of weight, however I have stopped smoking so I'm not sure what is to blame. I eat healthily and don't snack on sweet stuff, it's tough but I wish you luck, I will be 60 this year and also have COPD through smoking, what a bummer!!! free discount card

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