I've been in pain management for many years due to severe spinal nerve damage, and have my blood tested fairly regularly to make sure my counts are doing ok, and take random urine tests at my pain Dr.s. at the time I took the urine test, I was taking MS IR and Soma for pain, xanax for anxiety, and had just started taking Albuterol for my asthma. I've never taken any kind of amphetimines, or any kind of diet pills or supplements of any kind, yet the test showed a positive for Amphetimine, (not Methamphetimine). This was the first time that I had taken a UA while I had been taking the Albuterol. The only thing my doctor and I could think of was that either the Albuterol must've somehow crossed over in my urine causing the positive result, or it was just a false positive. I no longer take Albuterol, and have not had any signs of amphetimine in my urine or blood ever before, or since that test. This is something that's been bothering me ever since, so if anyone knows anything in regards to this, your input would be very much appreciated