recently got diagnosed with allergy induced asthma. the doc gave me both for some reason, stated to take the Atrovent first then if needed the albuterol . i was fine with the idea until the pharmacy tech was explaining the side effects which stated the albuterol can increase heart rate... then stated the Atrovent shouldn't cause an increase in HR(but also stated it could also possibly do the same thing as the albuterol) due to its taking 15-20 minutes to start working. here's the issue, i have an anxiety disorder that started with a crazy increase in HR, thus causing panic every time my HR increases when i feel it pounding. which one would be a better option to take with the less likely spike in HR? I didn't get much info as the doc sent me to a pulmonologist, but awaiting the appointment(guess it was a quick fix until then?) but i also have pretty bad allergies along with excessive mucus production. any suggestions or user experiences with either one?