I just saw my Dr and I asked her about maybe switching to something else, I am on 150mg Lyrica at bedtime. I asked her about this because so many on this site have started to change my mind about being on this drug, I was recently put on Gabapentin 100mg tid, my recent hospital stay they up this to 300mg tid. This is when the blurry vision kicked in and I was told to bring the dose down to 100mg tid again, which I did. But whilst in Canada the blurry vision didn't improve so over the time in Canada I stopped it all together, still no improvement with the blurry vision. So I just asked my PCP could it be the Lyrica and she said I was surprised they put me on Gabapentin whilst on the Lyrica because they are more or less the same drug. She said she was glad I came of the drug and said she would want to up the Lyrica even more.
I said is there anything else that would be more or less work the same as Lyrica and she said I should ask one of my other Dr's, something I forgot to say is I have tried in the past to come down on Lyrica but I was always put in withdraw. Shaking and shivering that sort of thing, the pharmacy made special caplets of Lyrica coming down in 5mg doses. But I still had the same reaction, and everytime I went back on the higher dose of the Lyrica the withdraw symptoms would stop. So I ask the question to my PCP if I try again to come down on the Lyrica is there anything I can take to help me through the withdraw she said no ther is not anything. Is this true, and has anyone else been through withdraw symptoms with the Lyrica. Thanks Liz.