I was on 20mg Lexapro for GAD that was so bad, I could not eat or function. I have been on the meds and feeling amazing for about 7 years. I decided on trying to taper down... slowly... and did 10 MG for about 3-4 months, then went down to 5MG. After 2 weeks of being down to 5MG, I had a massive relapse in symptoms... I started to take 15MG immediately the next day after the symptoms returned, and now am 1 week in, and will bump up to 20MG. I guess I thought being on the meds so long, that they would have re-balanced in my system sooner, but I am still feeling really bad. I could take Xanax for relief until the meds fully kick-in again, as I am prescribed and rarely take them.
Has anyone else had similar experiences with tapering down? Feeling like you're literally starting back at zero?