The doctor who prescribed Xanax to me for so long is retiring and the new doctor will not prescribe Xanax. She said I'd have to go to a psychiatrist and explain to him my situation. She wants to put me on Buspar. I am thinking of tapering off and not taking either. I am taking the whole 0.5mg tablet one day and the next day I cut it in half and so alternate that way. I can feel a difference in my anxiety on the half pill days. Apprehensive and a worsening of OCD thoughts. I tried many OCD meds and they all made me anxious so rather not go there and went for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. But the Xanax helped. Never had to increase the dose unless of a high anxiety situation then right back to the once a day. Any thoughts? I know I am an overly anxious person by nature and wonder if some people just need it all the time? Am a bit worried about doing this but hate being so dependent on it and trying to convince a doctor to continue to prescribe. Thanks for your time and input.