Hey everyone! unfortunately I have been prescribed Benzodiazepines since 2010. Today my doc called, and I explained to her im not doing so well and feeling anxious having panic attacks in between doses. So I told her Xanax IR and Klonopin have been the only ones that worked. I then asked her about the Extensed Version, but she said that another doctor would prescribe it and she was going to talk to him. Yesterday I was in Clonazepam 1mg 2x daily, and today she decided up the dose to 1mg 3x daily.
She explained to me she wouldn’t mind the Xanax Extended Release (ER) but many insurances do not cover it. She told me to see her June 1st and to see how I’m doing with the 1mg 3x daily Clonazepam, and next visit I will see her in person. I will then ask to switch to Xanax XR.
If I am currently on 3mg klonopin, wouldn’t she prescribe 3mg Xanax XR? Because they are the same dose IR ( 1mg Klonopin = 1mg Xanax )

Has anybody been on the Extended Release Xanax? Or have been switch from klonopin to Xanax xr? Really need your help thanks!