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Xanax XR - What makes a doctor specifically prescribe Xanax to a patient?

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endlessPred 24 May 2013

Hello. Xanax is a short term medication (few hours depending upon dose) used for general anxiety or situational anxiety. it is also known as one of the benzos, a "tranquilizer" like Valium. It is habit forming when on high doses or used consistently for long periods of time.

It helps with panic attacks. Takes about 20 minutes to work and if taking situational related, like a big meeting or the in-laws, just kidding, it can calm the nervous response and help reduce panic attacks or shaking with fear.

It's use depends upon the symptoms of the individual and whether it will be long term or short term. A therapist, psychiatrist or specialist will be best to diagnose. I take it temporarily when my medication makes me hyper and life is too stressed. I started with panic attacks and this was a way to stop them. It has done so because I sought treatment right away. Also when experiencing something called free floating anxiety, suddenly tense but don't know why, it is very helpful.

It is addictive. one cannot use alcohol with it. when misused it can cause serious problems and harsh withdrawals. Any more questions? free discount card

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