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Xanax XR - What makes a doctor specifically prescribe Xanax to a patient?

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endlessPred 24 May 2013

Hello. Xanax is a short term medication (few hours depending upon dose) used for general anxiety or situational anxiety. it is also known as one of the benzos, a "tranquilizer" like Valium. It is habit forming when on high doses or used consistently for long periods of time.

It helps with panic attacks. Takes about 20 minutes to work and if taking situational related, like a big meeting or the in-laws, just kidding, it can calm the nervous response and help reduce panic attacks or shaking with fear.

Proper med user 29 Sep 2018

Be very careful with the Xanax that is highly addictive. It is only meant for very short term or intermittent use as an absolute necessary for a bad panic attack. You could get addicted in as little as 2 weeks. If you take them everyday. In the big scheme of things they make your anxiety worse as they will damage your Gaba receptors in your brain and make it harder for your mind to deal with anxiety in a natural form. My advice is to please seek alternative treatment and do not take Xanax or any other benzodiazepine. I have been on and off them for 4 years and they have created nothing but problems for me making my anxiety worse and causing horrible withdrawals 2 * for me still trying to taper from clonazepam basically long-acting Xanax

ppehs 2 Oct 2018

Well it’s NOT MAKING MINE WORSE!!! It’s people like you that make this miracle drug for anxiety so hard to get!!

ppehs 2 Oct 2018


WildcatVet 29 Sep 2018

I wholeheartedly agree with Proper's comments. The benzodiazepines should only be used a an ultra short term measure until an appropriate anxiolytic takes effect.
As Proper has said, the benzos are not only highly addictive, but long term can cause increased anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, memory loss, and a myriad of other mental and physical conditions.
Regards, Wildcat

ppehs 2 Oct 2018

If you use this drug responsibly and DON’T ABUSE IT YOU WILL BE JUST FINE!!

WildcatVet 2 Oct 2018

Recent clinical studies are revealing the potentially severe side effects of long term benzodiazepine usage. That is why so many doctors are no longer prescribing them except for short term use until a more appropriate anxiolytic takes effect and attempting to wean long term users off these medications.
Do some research. There is so much concern over side effects of relatively innocuous psychotropic drugs... why no concerns over the effects of the benzodiazepine crisis? free discount card

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