I had taken Xanax 0.5mg once daily for 30 years. No more. Did the trick... no major panic or anxiety that I couldn't handle. This was prescribed to me from a psychiatrist. Moved to another state to retire, and psychiatrist made me feel like the worst person. He changed me to buspirone and clonazepam. Feeling anxiety again like I have not felt in 30 years. Buspirone 5 MG twice daily and clonazepam 0.5 MG once daily as needed. Took clonazepam for 3 days and I feel anxious. Any suggestions? This doctor has not discussed what the future lies. How long will Xanax stay in and what are your thoughts on weaning of ? Was my old doctor wrong in keeping me on 0.5mg Xanax as a maintenance since it worked? Any ideas will help. Thank you !