I have had a severe Panic Disorder since I was a child. At age 27, I started taking Xanax, and I have taken it for 30 years - and it has worked 99% of the time. I have never taken more than prescribed, and started out at .25 3x a day, the most was .5 3x a day, and now back to .25 3x a day. Why are the doctors all of a sudden not wanting to prescribe this med any longer when it is working? It is very frustrating! My general physicians has required me to now go to a psychiatrist to prescribe this med, and he is trying to ween me off, and keeps trying other things that I have terrible side effects from. His first excuse was that it causes Alzheimer's, and then at a later appointment, he said that had never been proven. So, does anyone know the real scoop on this? Thanks! StarGlitter