Hello. A brief description of myself:
im 22, male. around 14.5 stone, muscly build. Go gym 3 times a week. Have suffered with depression 2 year ago and was on medication for that. The last year i have been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. Most panic attacks result in me being physicaly sick and can sometimes become a repetative P/A where i end up having to take 5mg Diazepam to sort myself out, otherwise i get stuck in a loop of building up to anxiety, being sick then feeling okay for 5 minutes, then it all starts again and keeps doing that.

I have been prescribed 200mg sertraline tablets for my anxiety. Have been on sertraline for around a year now. When i first started it was 100mg per day, then a few month later it was increased to 150mg. Then around 8 week ago it was upped to 200mg per day. This was due to the tablets not being effective enough for me.

I have not felt dizzy in the past whilst taking sertraline.

However since Monday afternoon I have been feeling dizzy and still feel rather dizzy right now. Here is a few things to take into consideration that might be causing this:

- I have missed my medication since saturday due to forgeting about it. I have just taken the 200mg this morning incase it was due to not taking them?
- I have not been eating or drinking as much as normal due to feeling dizzy.
- I wear glasses that may be causing this? However i didnt wear them for the most of yesterday and still was rather dizzy.

It might not have anything to do with the medication and i might have some bug that makes you dizzy? I dont know. This is why i am seeking help on here.

Hopefully someone can help me out a little? Its not a nice feeling when your prone to anxiety and you have something wrong with you that you dont know the cause for. :(

Thanks to anyone that takes the time to read this and reply.